Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is it Progress?

What has happened to the Human race?

Today people spout out about freedoms of expression, about human rights, about equalities. Don’t say the ‘wrong thing’ or you might be taken to court. Don’t look at someone the ‘wrong way’ or you might lose your job. If you injure someone while protecting yourself, you will end up the ‘bad guy’. All this is thanks to our “advanced” legal system our socially acceptable ways of life and living, that has developed in these last hundred plus years.

There was once a time, when a person had to be held accountable for their words and actions. If they were caught stealing, they would lose a hand, or put immediately into prison or made into a slave. Now, they can sue the person they are stealing from, for disabling their ‘trade’ and income.

There was a time, when rapists, would be strung up, or shot on the spot, ran through with a blade, or castrated. Now, they can get a court assigned defender, they do not even need to pay for, and be back out raping again in a couple months.

There was a time when murderers would be killed for the crime. Now, they are place in a private barred room, given three meals a day, a tv or internet availability, and get health care at the cost of taxes paid for even by the family of their victims.

What has happened to the Human Race? When we started to adapt emancipation, political correctness, equal rights; when we started trying to “save” the wicked, the wrong, the weak; when we started to allow people to no longer be held accountable for their actions, words, behaviors… We showed then, that Humanity has no value to continue.

We cuddle and encourage the weak to continue to be weak, we continue to allow people to feed off government allowances and the hard work of others. We continue to try to save the dregs of life, the diseases of a strong future. We continue to allow for people who want equality, and political correctness to drag Humanity into the shitholes of existence.

There is a natural order to life. The weak die, the strong survive. Survival of the fittest, the smartest, the most cunning, and not survival of the most legally protected wastes of life. A Male Alpha leads a pack, Betas protect the pack, and Omegas are the pack. Dominant, submissive, male, female, hunter, nurser; there is a natural order to life, and the longer Humanity allows for the weak to survive, the quicker that Humanity will cease to survive. Are we headed, to a living rendition of Idiocracy? Or will Humanity finally grow a set of balls again, and forget the brainwashed bullshit, that government and church has fed it over the last century plus?

Give me the world, where it’s Survive or Die. Men are men, women are women, where equality and political correct behavior, is recognized as the jokes they truly are.