Original mythology has these beings known as the angels titled "Many Eyed Ones". Different versions of religions have them named as "Thrones" or "Wheels", "Erelim" or "Ophanim", some do not give them names, instead only mention they are part of those "Exposed to Him" or "Exulting in His Warmth".

It's unknown whether the name manyx came in early or late translations, and in truth, very few mentions of manyx as a name is found. It is thought to have been a slurring or slang, possibly even an ancient shorthand of the titles previously given. However the name originated, the believe is the ones that carried the name, were first created, or first born of the angels. Created to support Him in His tasks and hold His knowledge to be shared; they were not given the highest status and are believed, that although they are of the highest circle, or tier, they are third in the heirarchy of the divine. Of the highest tier, the Seraphim rank first, as they have the purest love of Him, the Cherubim next as they have the purest knowledge of Him, and then the Many Eyed Ones who are are said to have helped in the development of creation (including the seraphim and cherubim) and of mankind.

They are said to appear as angels when in their heavenly, or astral form, some adapting shapes similar to the parts of creation they assisted in creating. It is unknown how many of them were first born, only they can tell you which portions they individually assisted with. Of the highest tier, only they are able to "fall from His grace". The fallen archangel Satan was believed to have been of the manyx, or Many Eyed Ones.

Manyx are said to make frequent visits to the places and creations they assisted Him with. Their apparent goal to help bring forth His vision as is designed, when that portion of creation has changed, strayed. When appearing within that area of creation, they are said to take on the form closest to their form of awareness.  Others are said to shift forms as they work to bring His vision back in His order. In some myths and legends, manyx were mistaken for lycanthropes, naga, mermaids, sphinx, manticore, minotaurs, pan, along with several other multi-forms when overseen during their shifting. Their eyes, however, during these shifts still reflect an inner 'light' that betrays their true origin.

Their abilities extend to encompassing the elements of creation, fire, water, air, earth, spirit, astral, light, dark, etc. Though while they are able to manipulate those elements to help with creations, their affinity to the elements vary. The belief that this varied affinity is what decided which portions of creation they assisted with, has been expressed, but unable to be confirmed. Various texts mention them as removing or devouring the wrong, the disease, the sins from their creations, to enable their creations to develop to His vision.

The heat of a manyx, or their blood, is believed to vary in color and properties. Green, Red, White, Blue, Black, blood colors have all been 'reported' to have been seen drop from wounded manyx. The effects have been as varied, from healing wounds, to giving hallucinations, or turning to stone, and multiple other effects to the consuming being or beast.

Additional sources of study have indicated, that the flaws found in those created can be traced back to the Many-Eyed Ones involvement. The imperfections found in the Manyx affected the portions of creation they had contact with, corrupting His vision of creation. The tasks placed before them, to bring back to enlightenment, those that have sin or strayed from His vision, is believed to be the manyx cleaning up their own errors. They "fall" either from having lost His grace, and are then banned to eternity in which ever punishment He decided; or they select to "fall" in an attempt to correct their errors made during creation, in order to not lose His grace. Those who fall to correct their errors, are able to ascend again, once they  have brought enough back to His vision, and have regained His grace upon them.