Friday, September 9, 2011

Life is an Ongoing Lesson.

Life is an ongoing lesson.

How many times have we heard that, or some kind of a similar comment, and thought nothing about it? Of course, Life is an ongoing lesson right? That comment isn't anything profound, isn't anything all that amazing to hear, it's rather common sense.
While it's true the comment isn't spectacular, the results from acknowledging it, or ignoring it, are.

Many times we are faced with a situation, which can have either amazing or disastrous effects from our choice. We are never, really blindly faced with such a situation, it doesn't , one day jump from a shadow and surprise us. The situation is one that slowly, casually approached us, and we were given many hints, many warning signs, and whether we paid attention or ignored the hints was entirely our own doing.

The first time, should be the only time, but, for many of us, it's not. We fail to pay attention to the warning signs, and so we tend to live and relive these life lesson's over and over. I recently have encountered one of these situations, and yes I saw it coming, and try as I might, the choices I made were always the wrong choices. And the results, are painful to say the least.

So what can we do, as intelligent beings to avoid making these wrong choices? To watch for these lessons, and make the right choices? That's difficult to say, as it's not till the choices are made, that you discover if they were the right ones, or the wrong ones. Then you are left, trying to salvage the situation, trying to convince yourself you can pull it from the flames.

Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't; but either way, you should remember the lesson that you learn, ongoing or not, and do what you can, to prevent it from repeating.