Jare's Notebook

The flip-notebook Jarethe always carries with him, with all the info and Secrets it contains (Roleplay Element):

----------------------------------Notepad page 1-----------------------------------------------

Date: 4/7/2009
Fairy-winged type girl, straight black hair, insisted she knew how to, keep Ma'am calm.
placed tip jar for the 'secrets'.

Watch and record, who places tips in the jar.
1) Blonde daylight vamp. Said name was Saria. Tipped for the 'secrets'
2) ...

*** tips in jar were increased while I was dealing with a warrant on Passports office. Didn't see who tipped.
Two people in general area. Jacobius and Bremen.

----------------------------------Notepad page 2-----------------------------------------------

Date: 4/7/2009
Anti-personnel mines. Den Perimeter defenses.

1) Tower near entrance gates.
2) mines buried on the beach head, 10 meter spread.
3) turrets: Locations: Bank, Justice building, Presidential grounds, security building.
4) Tripline explosives and snare(cage) traps. Possible placement in alleyways.

Gor Pharmacy Supplies: Auction House
Gor Brewery Supplies: Rock on West side of the Cavern Entrence, base of Castle
Gor Blacksmith Supplies: Rock at back of the Laundry building.
Gor Valid Server: Hidden in Bright Light area outside La Presidente's
   :Faux Gor Servers: placed in Vault and in crates near entrance

[sketch doodles from Saavy cover several large portions of this note page, including the entire lower portion.]

----------------------------------Notepad page 3-----------------------------------------------

Customs and Security
Pros: Strong defense point both on side and front entrences
Cons: Needs a breakaway access to the roof. Needs a defensive counter action to door breach.
1) Two story Tower on the SW corner of the roof. With glide line to the roof of the Courthouse. Tower needs to have climbable rope from the inside building to the separate floors. Top portion of tower at stomach height to allow defensive shot and deflect offensive shots.
2) barbed wire "fencing" around the roof edging, to help prevent splash shots on roof defenders.

Jail House
Pros: Strong defensive side entrence. Single entrence top floor plan.
Cons: Front door is open access. Top floor is death trap to defenders on a "wait out" manuever. Jail area is offensive positive.
1) Jail area, possible potential in third cell, escape route under matress to lead to area near La President Manor.
2) Break away wall on the top floor West wall that leads out to the Jail roof.
3) Courthouse flooring designed to "collapse" and bury those on bottom floor, layout panels to allow stepping blocks to the break away wall.

Passport and Records
Pros: none
Cons: Not defendable.
1) emphasize the safe, add something to make raiders distracted by the possible contents, explosive faux storage crate.
2) Upperdeck tavern: electrical conduit to the dance poles able to be activated with state of emergency, turning them into a 'shock fence' also.
3) Upperdeck tavern: combustion packets scattered about the floor, that will explode and burn when triggered
4) Upperdeck tavern: drop-railing on the floor, boost rails on the roof, possible half walling on North side and south side

Pros: fresh water source.
Cons: Not defendable

----------------------------------Notepad page 4-----------------------------------------------

Pros:  Strong lower level defense point.  Open area for upper level counters. Corner stairwell allows for defensive fire over offensive fire. Medical equipment for recovering injured.
Cons: Needs railing for top floor. no roof access.
1) Water tubing to the lower level roof could be used for Flooding out the lower level to drown attackers trapped inside.
2) half walls for the upper open deck area using a "V" design to help with boosting defensive height and countering offensive attack LOS.
3) Escape grate on lower level under stairs.

Pros: enclosed space, two entrence points on same wall.
Cons: no escape route, entrence points are large, bead line shots possible with someone willing to open from outside.
1) Sandbag inside deck around garage doors. split doors into doubles, lock oneside of each door down.
2) Make access to escape tunnels through the locker.
3) add tool caging to the inside area around the locker, to help with  escape defense.
4) rig the soda machine to 'fire' cans like a turret.

Pros: Escape hatch on the lower deck. Back access to Jail fenced yards. Counter vantage point on upper deck. Roof access. Front entrence is a small turn bottleneck.
Cons: Too much access on lower floor, upper floor too open
1) Raise the upperdeck railings to above waist level.
2) Tumbled pillars for additional rear access concealment.
3) barbed wire around the upper roof area facing the other buildings and the lower courtyard.

Not surveyed:
La Presidente's
Japanese home

----------------------------------Notepad page 5-----------------------------------------------
Date: 7-21-2009
Blonde in wild leather looking outfit. Running around, looked armed. Followed at a distance, Never entered the city, kept to outskirts. Interest towards the hill and Nayeli... Possibly signalling or advance scout. Gor? Panther? Clave?

*Note: Research mythology behind "Fenrir" possible Viking/Norse connection

----------------------------------Notepad page 6-----------------------------------------------
Date: 7-27-2009
[technical sketch work, showing a disembled needle pistol. Rapid fire gas-cartridges, with alternate bolt ammunition.]

----------------------------------Notepad page 7-----------------------------------------------

Date: 8/2/2009
Check into possible tampering with Den Water supply. Reports from slaves and guests of , amnesia, of hazy vision, of waking up nude and feeling 'used'. Possible contaminate, Drug?

Date: 8/2/2009:
Sir Z.. arrogant attitude, stated he would teach a lesson to the residents of the Den. Keep security on guard.
Any link to the reported status of the Den drinking supply????

----------------------------------Notepad page 8-----------------------------------------------

Date: 8/16/2009
!!!Discovery!!!, male naga, full adult male naga, poisonous blood (need to get a pure sample), Hypnotic effect (voice, sight, or other source?). Infected Fen, required medical care. Partial blood transfusion.
Male Naga...???? Needs deeper research into Greek Mythology.

Date: 8/19/2009
Martial Law... shoes again, conflict from Dame-Dommes.
Journalist, introduced himself as Bruno, reported coming from "An Island Over". (Note: Find the location of this 'island' possible slave harvest.)  **Paris Island???**

Date: 8-19-2009
***Note:  new Security staff needed!!!, possible candidates: Fenrir, Adren, Hamilton, Ridd ... Check into possible application possibility.

----------------------------------Notepad page 9-----------------------------------------------
Drow female, captured in Glint, possible.. FUN to enslave, Drow matriarch society, thinks males are worthless, despises humans.... chain and sell to human male, force her to write a letter to First House Matron Mother. describing how much she enjoys being a sex slave to a human male... Scratch that, I'll write the letter.

*Note: 'i-Jizz, features to be added, automatatic wiping, and twisting to dry. contact apple records, to verify no trademark infringements.

----------------------------------Notepad page 10-----------------------------------------------
Dragonlike creature, called himself a Serbex. Likes to draw, can be hostile, thinks all non-serbex are lower life forms. Clan-society. Something important about " Ceroscanis Jubatus " Need to research.

[Lower portion of notebook, is duplicates of the multiple sketchings the dragonkin was making, mostly animals, and a few odd symbols plus the name on intersecting lines.]

----------------------------------Notepad page 11-----------------------------------------------
Ava's spanking tally board.
4 spankings for working during forced vacation
2 spankings for calling my blindfold a jizzrag
6 spankings for saying "It's ugly master"
-8 spankings for trying to manipulate me into more spankings
4 spankings added for wearing clothing when directed not to

----------------------------------Notepad page 12-----------------------------------------------

*** Security Note:
watch the docks, watch the bay. possible activity. Wet prints on the docks. Marine vessel has loose hitch. Watch courthouse, roof looks to have been chipped at, dirt marks at odd intervals on the outer walls.

Law Violation: VB: High heels

Typical ...Please Fuck Me... Outfit:
[ ] Panties and bra
[ ] Shoes
[ ] Metal shackles with exposed keys for taking
[ ] Flashing neon "fuck me" sign over head.

----------------------------------Notepad page 13-----------------------------------------------