About Me

Name: Jarethe Anthony Ki
Breed: Astral Manyx (many eyed one - Yes an Angel of the upper Tier)
Current Residence: Human Realm, in a place named : People's Republic of Glint.
Interests: weaponry, fast vehicles, building and developing, death-thrills, psychological inhibitions, fear and control, kittens, combat, art, balance of life, technology, knowledge and information
Limitations: (I am Dom, not sub)
     --NO OOC Rule violating
     --Females only sexual encounters (I rarely RP Sex).
     --NO GOR Auctioning / Slavery
     --No collar. I am Dom, not sub, not slave, not even switch. I'll be hostage, prisoner, even subject of torture. But I'm my own Master.
     (slave collar= ooc limit death / suicide death).
     --No Scat, Branding, Dolcett (Dolcett is a soft limit, depends on the RP)
     --Mutilations are non-perm (including castration).
     -No Gender Change
     ** Damage done by me is non-perm and will be auto-healed in a few hours. Only the pain is remembered, as pain, sin and fear is what I use to feed my RP.
     ** Death equals time in Hell, until I am either resummoned, or released.**
Abilities: --------- lets leave this secret.
RP Style: Freeform
Fight Style: Pistol and Katana mostly, No-Dachi and Wakizashi alternatives, sniper rifle when needed.(learning bows, and daggers are for RP)

Back Story:
Sins from Love
Jarethe started his life as an astral Manyx, a creature sometimes considered an angel when first seen; and while Manyx are indeed angels (many-eyed-ones), they are as far from the perceived idealology of an angel as man is from demon, Manyx are born. His birth was difficult due to the hyper growth advance he experienced in the womb, the results of his birth killed his 'mother'. Somewhere, in the great vastness existences, there is tome and a tomekeeper, who records the lives from birth to death, of each and every being. The purpose to weigh their soul's value, when the time arrives, to decide the course of that soul's future. The tome, on the moment of Jarethe's birth, recorded his future, with his birth being the first sin cast on him. It was that very moment, the same tome and tomekeeper, the weigher of souls, determined what Jarethe's future was to be, to atone for the sin he just caused, and the Sin's it was known he would cause. Right then, it was decided, Jarethe was pre-destined to lead a revolution against the Darkforces of Hell. Had he been kept and raised by the other Astral beings, this may have occured, his destiny may have been filled, and his soul put to rest. However, due to the sin of matron murder, the fear of such a act, even unintentional, done by such a young soul, frighened the other Astral beings. When the realm of Man was completed, they banished Jarethe, still considered a newborn among heaven, to the realm of Man. Here he was found and cared for by a Human family, whose morals were questionable, but who's code of Honor, was infallible. He was taught the ways of warfare, hand to hand, melee, firearms, technological, biological; everything his human family knew, he was taught.  The family that adopted him, were mercenary assassins, who hired out to the highest bidder. On his sixteenth year of Man, he was given a contract, to kill the daughter of an oil tycoon; unknown to everyone, this act would have allowed him to once again been on the path of his pre-determined destiny, and forced him along the routes to facing the coming war between the Astral and the Darkforces. He carried everything out, perfectly, as he was trained and raised to, until he saw the girl. With the blade of his katana, resting against the girl's throat, she woke; and instead of screaming, she smiled at him, her assassin. Jarethe, instead of killing the girl, fell in love and ignored the contract, and again, unknown, the war between the Astral and Darkforces that followed. The darklings arrived in the Realm of Man, and a lot of innocent life was killed, a lot of innocent blood shed, each death that occured, on both sides, the tomekeeper marked as an additional sin cast upon Jarethe.
An old Astral Manyx appeared before Jarethe, telling him of his birth, of his destiny, and of the mistakes he made. The old Manyx informed him, Jarethe was being given a chance to right these wrongs, if he would this day, turn his back and forsake his love, he was to travel to the gates of Hell.  At the Gates he was to toss away his weapons and his clothing, to offer his own soul to the demon highlords, and in response, it would be offered to the great Evil itself. Jarethe, having been forced to constantly cover his tracks since the day he spared the girls life, and broke his contract, made the old Manyx promise, should he do this, the girl would remain safe, unharmed and beautiful for eternity. The old Manyx chuckled and agreed, sending Jarethe on the route to Hell's Gates. Jarethe never made it to the offering altar, whispers of the girl he loved being taken by a vampire, caused him to abandon his redemption and go seek her. His path brought him across many who tried to turn him back towards his Destiny, many that he killed in his rush to reach the girl he loved, the girl that the old Manyx was to protect.  His journey to rescue his loved, caused more Sins against him, and more Sins that stacked upon his name in the tome that weighed souls.  He did find the vampire's lair, and he did slay the young vampire, and he did rescue his love; however, while escaping from the lair, with his love being pulled behind him, he became blinded from an odd force.  Jarethe, thinking the intense light to be an attack, drew and swung his swords in the direction the blinding light seemed to originate from. As the light faded, the sight that replaced it, was the vision of his love, the girl he had abandoned his salvation for, that he had condemned himself and many others for, the vision of the girl he loved, fall to the earth, her body sliced in half by his own sword he held in his hand. The tome recorded this sin.

Sins from Hope
The death of his loved, by his own hand, drove Jarethe crazy, he went on a killing rampage. Every encounter was a fight, every fight a battle, every battle a war. He killed young and old alike, man, woman, child, beast good and evil; to him it made no difference. Each death he caused, added to the tome, to the weight on his soul, and to the corruption within himself. He stole into entire neighborhoods at night, running the blade of his katana over the throat of those that slept. During the day he would find tall buildings to take roost, and shoot randomly at bodies he saw through his sniper scope. His mind was tangled in the sight of blood, and the more deaths he caused, the more the tome stacked sins upon sins, till it started to add not only the sin he was commiting, but the sins contained of those he killed to his soul's weight transferred for him to wear also. During one of his evening tirades, the family in the home he broke into, were still awake, and were discussing, of all things, a born child, who was the daughter of Heaven. A child who's touched cured the sick, who's laugh cured the deaf, and who's smile cured the blind. It was said she was born to a virgin, who was born to a virgin, twice the miracle within the child's line. This rumor saved the life of the family he was about to kill that night, and the lives of the other familys on that block, as he instead went and sought out this miracle child. The girl who was recently born with blood blessed by the Heavens.  Jarethe found the family's home, he broke into the home, running his swords quickly through the girl's mother, and grandmother.  After he killed the girl's family he grabbed the child and sank his teeth into her flesh draining her blood, hoping to remove some of the sins he carried. Hoping to find a path, if not to redemption, then to a peace of oblivion. As one who carried sins, feeling the sins, and feeding from those sins, Jarethe discovered as soon as he drained the child, the blessing given to the girl was not of the benevolent, but of the Darklings. The blood that he drank was filled with sin and cursed, he had been tricked, again, first by the old Manyx with his loved, and this time, by a rumor, spread by what was a family he should have killed.  Having realized he now was forever cursed, that the only way for him to remove the vast amount of sins he held, was his own death, he decided to break the last sin he held. So he commited suicide, slicing his own wrists, knowing that though it too was sin, atleast it would be his last, that finally he would be able to sleep and be released from his own tortured existence. Lady Fate never favored him. He bled for days, the entire floor beneathe him turning red from the blood it soaked into its wood from him; for several days he bled, never dying, never healing, each ounce of blood lost the tome doubled the sins against him as his punishment, his soul weighted as unowned sins found their way to his score. After twenty one days of laying, bleeding, he left out a single sigh, and whispered two words; his wounds healed once whispered, the sins he carried settled within him, giving him a supernatural ease and calmness. With the two words, "I Accept", he gave in to his fate.

Sins of Acceptance
He realized he will never be given death, he will never be resolved of the sin, and only the feel of pain, can give him the peace that others know. The pain, gives him a taste of humanity, a sense of feeling normal, of blending into a life not cursed. He has come to believe, he will inherit Hell, that the reason for his sin, his pain, his false hopes, is because he is to be prepared for that day. The day he wages a war against the Darkforces, the day he will be immune to them and their corruptions, because of the corruption he holds, the sins he devours, will outweigh theirs. He believes the curse he was given, was for the purpose to be used as a tool, of some unknown force, for it's amusement. He has learned that he absorbs pain and can control Sins. If a person before him has a soul that contains Sin, he will manipulate it. If a person delivers him pain, it may first slow him down, but he will grow in strength from it. The curse on him, mends his body, and prevents his soul from finding peace or oblivion. Neither Heaven nor Hell accepts his soul. It's rumored to be freed from his grasp, a person must submit their Sins to him, feeding him till the shadows within are no more. Once their soul is pure, he can gain no further strength, and he will seek upon the next soul to feed.