Friday, September 9, 2011

Life is an Ongoing Lesson.

Life is an ongoing lesson.

How many times have we heard that, or some kind of a similar comment, and thought nothing about it? Of course, Life is an ongoing lesson right? That comment isn't anything profound, isn't anything all that amazing to hear, it's rather common sense.
While it's true the comment isn't spectacular, the results from acknowledging it, or ignoring it, are.

Many times we are faced with a situation, which can have either amazing or disastrous effects from our choice. We are never, really blindly faced with such a situation, it doesn't , one day jump from a shadow and surprise us. The situation is one that slowly, casually approached us, and we were given many hints, many warning signs, and whether we paid attention or ignored the hints was entirely our own doing.

The first time, should be the only time, but, for many of us, it's not. We fail to pay attention to the warning signs, and so we tend to live and relive these life lesson's over and over. I recently have encountered one of these situations, and yes I saw it coming, and try as I might, the choices I made were always the wrong choices. And the results, are painful to say the least.

So what can we do, as intelligent beings to avoid making these wrong choices? To watch for these lessons, and make the right choices? That's difficult to say, as it's not till the choices are made, that you discover if they were the right ones, or the wrong ones. Then you are left, trying to salvage the situation, trying to convince yourself you can pull it from the flames.

Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't; but either way, you should remember the lesson that you learn, ongoing or not, and do what you can, to prevent it from repeating.


  1. frowns, I'm sorry Jarethe..sometimes learning lessons suck.:)

  2. i wouldn't know about dreams since all i have ever had are nightmares'

    wanna know what happens when i lose the one thing i desire and give up the world around me?
    i get the world back.... what remains is what was always there to begin with within a given
    time to each aware mind, what would seem tangible and solid to our perception

    each life begins at a different time so all our clocks are different

    though all is changing, always, chaos as a constant

    i would still rather be at peace and have the world with the one thing i desire

    everything is geared to fail basically though some people never see that in their
    dying life

    like you say everything just dies

    but it still begins again

    when we die we are like a tiny puzzle that get's shredded apart and stored away into an earthly shelf called the ground

    the data will be collected in time

    do you know what happens to the thing we call a spirit or a soul after we die?

    i don't

    though you and i don't exactly believe in souls

    i have a good idea of how things evolve in this infinite process as do many

    there lies within infinite possibility where it is deemed that nothing could be purely duplicated

    from the infinite possibility it can and is

    this has already happened and we are already gone.... this is just a fading dream

    more like a memory

    goals can be related to our so called dreams. the way you word it they are one in the same. so you contradicted yourself.

    everyone could wake up from a good dream and hope for it to come to fruition

    but who honestly clings onto dreams like that?

    you wake up and say hey that was a good dream but even retards can differentiate
    dreams and reality, even schizophrenics do and then just continue on with their day

    if you have a dream worth holding on to keep it

    the only times i had normal dreams was when i was a kid and i can't remember any of them

    except for one

    is that so profound to say that dreams die, when everything dies?

    sounds like you are just pessimistic..and why not be? and why be happy?..tell me what


    does it make

    to you whether someone follows their dream ( goal ) or not

    like we live, sometimes dreams live to. but they die out in time as well

    they live with us and they die with us. whether you let go or hold onto a dream makes little


    differences of the bluntly categorized parallel variables that could exist in one who simply does have a dream that warms their heart, to one who doesn't...versa

    so they say life is like a dream and why not? why shouldn't it be. our dreams are
    just a dream within a dream. if everyone just gave up on dreams then they would be like

    you and me.... and i disagree i don't think people should have to be like you and me

  3. everything dies and lives in time because that's what time is

    everything and nothing

    everything that exists breaks apart and the pieces flow into another pattern of creation
    crunched down through dark stars and pooped out as a single particle

    an ongoing process

    like the process of learning in life...

    energy clashing for so long till it explodes as tiny strings collide and conflict flowing outward
    and so existence begins, but from the core a wake that won't be touched for a long time

    much like how we tend to seem to find ourselves right back at the start by the time we die

    all the oldest and locked memories tend to pour out

    what was started only to recede back into itself once again

    what weighs more the infinite nothingness or the pieces of existence cascading into
    what some believe are nearly never ending multiverses?

    so much trapped within could it devour all space if unleashed?

    what is winning the race

    infinite nothingness or eternal creation stretching out forever chasing oblivion?

    could the pieces of time standing still catch up with the time that
    is already gone and no longer exists?

    you have to ask yourself

    what is worth more? living and growing propelled autonomously collecting all the pieces that make up your thoughts? or decaying and dying and reflecting upon them in the end?

    sunrise and sunset.

    we were meant to amalgamate this very process within the cycle of life.

    to merge light with the dark

    to merge life and death

    to merge love and hate

    to merge all creation with oblivion

    inherently you end up with grey

    we were meant to find become more patient and at the same time

    not still as stone.

    to realizing that many secrets are within our very selves as you know.

    we are subject to a grand design that forces us to be tools of evolution,

    the test dummys of the very nature that this planet consists of.

    "Guide your life and goals instead."

    sound advice Steve.